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Gumberg Library newsletters

While the Outreach & Communications Librarian at Gumberg Library, I created and oversaw an opt-in campus newsletter hosted on Mailchimp.


It reaches over 200 readers monthly and has an average 40% open rate with a 3% click rate. Most of the content are write-ups of news announcements in the library and upcoming events with recurring segments from colleagues focusing on research guides, information literacy, and digital resources. 



You can view the Newsletters here. I created newsletters starting from 9/9/2016. 

Promotional Campaign for Duquesne University spring 2017 Big Read

In cooperation with University Marketing and Communications, I designed and led the promotional campaign for the NEA grant-funded "When the Emperor was Divine" Big Read Program.


To view all promotional materials, click this link,

to look at the social media data, click this link, and  to view the slides on the campaign overview, click here


It included...

  • Traditional media promotion, campus announcements, Post Gazette publicity with other local news outlets...

  • Promotion for the program with social media, traditional media, and marketing materials...

    • Twitter Highlights: Live streaming and tweeting for top events, #DuqReads tag, 114 twitter posts total, 55.4K impressions on twitter over 51 days of the campaign (an average of 1.1k impressions)

    • Facebook Highlights: 57 posts on Facebook for DuqReads, average impression 222 with organic reach, total page post reach up by 300%

  • Design and Promotional materials created using CC0 materials. 

Promotional work for Goucher College Special Collections & Archives

During my employment at The Special Collections and Archives of Goucher College, I used both digital and physical media to expand the outreach of the collections. The Archives was located on the top floor of the newly built library, The Athenaeum, and was easy to overlook and engagement and promotion was conducted with little to no budget.


Additionally, I created and maintained a Tumblr page (currently archived but still accessible at as a hub for information on our resources, collections, and upcoming events.

  • Goucher faculty, staff, and students interacted with the blog as well as external followers who would occasionally ask questions about our library.

  • At the time I was the Assistant to the Curator of Special Collections and Archives and managed 3 student library workers. Some of the content created was commissioned by me to our student workers who would digitize and write content for the blog, as seen in the post about the death threat letter. 


During the 200th Anniversary of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" I created a wordpress site "Pride & Prejudice": A 200 Year Affair for the Alberta Burke Jane Austen Collection exhibit that took place January - July 2013.

  • The site was used for digital access to some of our collection, events details, and information about the collection and its history at Goucher College. 

Miscellaneous Poster Designs for Gumberg Library

Signage, both print and digital, created for miscellaneous projects and information in the Gumberg Library at Duquesne University while employed as the Outreach & Communications Librarian. 

Public Service Announcement video on the possibility of data loss in social media.

Public Service Announcement video on the likelihood of data loss about social media platforms for a non-technical audience, created Spring 2015. 

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