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Map Creation for Fairos 
Worldbuilding Project

Working collaboratively with a group of friends who play Dungeons and Dragons together, I created a high-resolution stylized map for the fantasy world of our campaign.

Development included researching and learning plate tectonics for world-building, climate-accurate water and wind temperatures, and the Köppen climate classification scheme.


After initial development, I workshopped interesting regions and historical ideas with the co-collaborators for this worldbuilding project. From there I designed and painted the map using hand-drawn designs. All designs were scanned and then created without a digital tablet within Photoshop over a year and a half.

Miscellaneous art

Creative projects I've completed over the years using multiple mediums including pen-and-paper, watercolor, mouse-drawn Photoshop sketches, and sketches in Photoshop or Krita using my Intuous Pro Wacom tablet. 

Concept art for Fairos Worldbuilding Project

In addition to the map, I have done concept art for the worldbuilding project. Some of these designs were done with traditional pen-and-paper, and others were completed using my Intuous Pro Wacom Tablet. 

Floral Arrangements for Bar Marco

Floral design work I've done for the Pittsburgh-based restaurant Bar Marco. All photos were taken and arranged by me. 

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